HANA Review & New Discoveries - Goodbye July!

Sunday, July 31, 2011
Hola readers,

Today I present a beauty review & a smattering of interesting internet/lifestyle finds. Oh la la...

Two weeks ago, a large package arrived from Misikko with the HANA Air blowdryer. I've been testing it out for a while, and I had a friend use it, as well as a hairdresser take it to work. The HANA Air works incredibly fast, and dries a whole head of hair in 15 minutes. It's pretty insane! Compared to my Babyliss, the HANA Air is also lighter and more efficient. I'm not a fan of hot tools (air-dry ftw!), but I've been pulling out this blowdryer quite frequently. I'd say it's a good investment for those who love their mane, and groom it every day. It's quite durable, and it will last a while. The only negative comments I received were regarding the functions, which require one to hold down a button to get hot air, and the hairdresser also noted that the HANA Air is light, but there are others that weigh less. Nevertheless, it's quite an amazing, high quality salon tool! Thanks Misikko, I'll be using this baby for a while!

I wasn't able to review all their products, that would be crazy, but Misikko would also like me to inform you about their ceramic curling iron, infrared flat iron, and currently their best flat iron for hair. Link away!

A group of new wündermuffins:
+ I'm trying to get through this list by the end of November: 100 Greatest Films in Cinema
+ Ian Eastwood's latest hip hop routine is eye-gasmic. I watched it 12 times today. My fellow dancers will go wild!
+ Fashion inspired by Annie Hall. Type that into Google and see how popular her look is!

+ Vogue US - August 2011 issue: Check out the article on Virginie Mouzat written by Vicki Woods. I can't find an online version of it, so buy the issue or read the piece while you're in a bookshop.
+ The Kobo application on the iPad. So many books, so little time! Also, the new Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin weighs more than the iPad, hence why I'm buying the e-book for $10. Saves room in my purse!

Have a great week everyone :D

 Us Ontarions have a day off tomorrow, so I'll be enjoying my Monday at the beach. Adios!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011
While studying and web browsing all morning, I came across this French gem.


Old School Kate Moss

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
I've been such a sloth lately.
Thank goodness I can fund it.

Kate Moss photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, styled by Camilla Nickerson for Vogue US 1995

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Salut world!
Oui, I am alive. Oui, I am le tired. Mais, all is swell. 

Also, it has taken me almost a year to wear that bright pink flower. And yes, those are black shorts under the romper. I'm not that scandalous!

This fabric is incredibly light, and has a lovely pattern.

I'm finally wearing the sandals I picked up in NYC, back in February!

Grad ring, F21 tribal ring, Lub Lub stackers, Michael Kors watch

Hydrangeas in the garden.

'Tis all for now. Cheers!
Monday, July 11, 2011
Hello my gorgeous readers,

I just got an e-mail from Tim over at ShopBop informing me of the new lines being introduced to the website. I've picked a few of my fave pieces, and shown them below.

and my favourite,  Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

I'll update properly within a week. Summer has been busy!
However, I got a huge package in the mail which I'll review and
post about this month. Excited!

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Sunday, July 03, 2011
Spent last weekend finger painting with a cutie-pie.

Discovering new iPad apps.

Reading Dracula.

and... you know, working, going to class, dancing, sleeping, enjoying the summer!
What are all of you up to? Comment or tweet me!
À plus mes amis. :D