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Saturday, June 04, 2011
Hey world,

It's June 4th, and I DON'T have a monthly challenge set up. Send me suggestions!

Okay, so you all know I went on the Feed your Face Diet by Dr. Jessica Wu for 1 month. Here are my thoughts:
- No matter what you eat, stress is going to aggravate your skin. Eat healthy to keep your skin clear during "down" periods, and take yoga/meditations classes when life gets intense.
- I really missed my creamy 3.25% milk. I cleared a carton in the last two days, even though I promised to ease into it.
- Whole wheat pasta is NOT filling. I had to eat twice as much to feel satiated.
- My skin DID look better on the diet, and my T-zone wasn't as oily. However, the diet caused me to lose some weight which is unhealthy for a skinny kid like me. I'm back to eating lots of carbs.
- I spent 10 days eating really unhealthy food, in unhealthy amounts (this is not my normal diet), so I could make a comparison. Two words: cystic acne. Put the Big Mac down.
- I discovered the joys of melted dark chocolate over everything. Antioxidant heaven. Thanks Dr. Wu!
- It takes a lot of thought to eat healthy, and be aware of what you're putting in your body. The effort pays off.
- The main source of your skin problems... is sugar.

Moving along. I'm hoping to do a Q&A post with fashion illustrator Danielle Meder. E-mail/comment/tweet me some questions you're keen to ask- especially if you're looking into this industry. Here's some of her work below:

'Tis all my lovelies! I shall be back soon. Hopefully.
I may have overbooked myself this summer: full-time job, helping with a research study, a couple physics courses, and teaching dance classes.....Oops.
19 comments on "Fashion Illustration + Awesome Skin"
  1. dark chocolate is my fave, i cant even eat milk anymore! a challenge... i don't know, but i would love to see all your older travel pics, repost some! like barcelona..and portugal...

  2. I wish I had enough self control to do a diet like this, I'd love better skin. Perhaps when I'm not living at home and I can control my diet more

    1. Ohh, that's my vice, I also wish That I had enogh self control to do a diet like this, I wish..

  3. so pretty!!!
    love the legs...
    i always eat junk good haha i cant help myself:P

  4. Reposting old travel pics sounds like a cute idea!

  5. Yes,sugar is the culprit, so if you like bread you might want to avoid it for a while since it's loaded with refined sugar. Your body can't tell the difference between cake and bread so insulin goes into overdrive working up oily skin in the process. The break you take will mean less acne in the long run. Try it.

  6. I agree with everything on this post! We can eat all the right foods, use all the right products, even get diamond peel treatments regularly, but stress can be the culprit.

  7. Diet is the main key to have a beautiful and flawless skin. Aside from the other rituals that we do like shaving unwanted hairs, laser hair removal, facial treatments and more, it is still imperative to eat healthy foods. This will give the right nutrients out skin needs. It is also important to drink plenty of water to retain the moisture.

  8. As much as possible, I avoid skin care products that contain alcohol. It makes skin dry and it makes you look older. It is better to use alcohol free skin care products to promote skin healing and cell regeneration.

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  10. Thanks for the skin care tips! I always go for natural beauty regimen to maintain a clear, healthy skin. However, for serious skin problems, I recommend a laservelvet treatment.

  11. I also do yoga so that my body will release the bad toxins. My friends also say that it's good for your health.

  12. This is a pretty interesting face diet. I think I just want to add laser hair removal long island particularly the upper lip hair because sometimes it makes us women look like men.

  13. Skin care is always a challenge because it takes a lot of discipline. Taking care of our skin isn't just about looking good but staying healthy as well.

  14. I couldn't agree more about you saying that it's not the diet that can make your skin glow, but the less stress you take on a daily basis. In my case, since I can't balance it well, I just make sure I go for some diamond peel treatments every once in a while.

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