How much pain they have cost us, the evils which have never happened. -Thomas Jefferson

Friday, March 25, 2011
It snowed. -_-

My weather-high is dead. Here are a couple photos from this month's challenge. I'm already 25 days in! I can't wait to wear flat shoes again, but I'm afraid this Flats-Free March has spurred on a new shoe addiction. Need more wedges. Need more wedges.

[Also, you can never go wrong with Free People and J Brand. Comfort + fashion = ideal.]

A few wündermuffins for this weekend:
+ Cropped sweatpants with heels via Dolan.
+ The Cataracs ft. Dev - Top of the World. Dev has a gorgeous voice; this has been on replay.
+ The Frugalista Files - it's a good read if you need motivation to become more financially savvy/stable.
+ I'm loving maxi dresses and maxi skirts lately. Some of my favourite looks have been by Shoshanna (formal), Splendid (for everyday and layering), Velvet (Sully - dress up/dress down), and this dress by L.A.M.B.
+ Glade's new room spray: Limited Edition Bring on the Blossoms. It smells so fresh and sweet [but not nauseatingly sweet because I detest that].
+ How to Start Your Day Calm, Cool, and Relaxed by Fitsugar.
+ Clogs. I'm just afraid of buying shoes online because my feet are so narrow and small... However, I adore the Ripple Buckle Clog by Madison Harding. In addition, UGG Boots came out with a great everyday pair, but the reviews online mentioned they run normal to wide. [Gosh, darn it!]
+ Manity Case by NYTimes. Dear dudes, please take care of your skin. You're not age-proof.

Cheers <3
16 comments on "How much pain they have cost us, the evils which have never happened. -Thomas Jefferson"
  1. I have problems purchasing shoes online because of wide feet. It's never good :/

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    Great outfit and you are so beautiful!!!


  3. I love your hair! You look gorgeous :)

  4. i love the outfit, you look gorgeous! x

  5. love your hair in these pics!!!


  6. Luv the length of the cardigan on you!
    Happy Friday, beautiful!


  7. Can I just say I'm insanely jealous of how gorgeous you are? Your hair is beyond and your so tall ! ergh!!! great pics

  8. love that lace top. you're gorgeous!


  9. I adore free people...I love the handmade appeal. Such a beautiful blouse! A darling look... :)

    ♥ Marta from With Love...

  10. Cute top and hair! :o)


  11. Wow, your red cardigan is fabulous!!
    Lovely outfit<3


  12. hey girl:) you look so cute! and so tall:) lovely boots.. pretty you!

  13. I love You, be friends, call.


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