Tuesday, December 07, 2010
I seriously neglect the existence of men's fashion. Today, I pay tribute to the male species, in clothes.

Toni Tanfani- owner & buyer of Gisa
Bringing all the girls to the yard since the womb

Milan Vukmirovic, Creative director of Trussardi 1911 and Miami store The Webster; editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Hommes
The "Cool Guy"

Former Japanese soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata
Badass Mofo' 
(I'm still reeling from shock regarding his facial hair. Didn't know homeboy had it in him.)

Repeat after me: Dior is Dope. Dior is Dope.

David Beckham- I had to.. I know it's all Posh, but I had to.
The Legend

What I learned today: 
a] Aviators do 70% of the job; the job being "to look finger-lickin' good".
b] If you can't dress yourself, find a female who can.

I was going to mention the beanie.. but I don't want to be responsible for people not washing their hair. You're not fooling anyone Mr. Beck's, I know what you're hiding. 

Images: Tommy Ton for GQ, Beckham's photos from
13 comments on "Menspiration"
  1. Wooooo! Thanks for this... lovely eye candy. Hidetoshi Nakata is like, my dream guy: a) he's athletic and b) clearly loves fashion. Plus he's actually really, really ridiculously good-looking.

  2. Yummy! Perfect procrastination activity while trying to study for exams... good luck on yours btw!

  3. Perfection...I am so in love with Toni :) Definitely, finger licking good, lol!!!!

    ♥ Marta from With Love...

  4. i lvoe when men dress well . tehy call my attention more than a well dressed woman doews.. icant look away

  5. Sometimes I think it's way easier to be a man. Somehow people expect more from you because you're a woman: dress well, behave well etc etc... But Mr. Beck looks gooood...


  6. oh beckham beckham beckham you look good with no matter what your wearing! love the sharing! thanks!

    ♥ xxx

  7. you've found so many good outfits! the blue cardigan is super; the pattern and the colour are brilliant! and your blog - love it :)

  8. I have great appreciation for men who know how to dress.

  9. i love, love, love david beckham. omg. the man is freaking gorgeous.

    it all kind of gets ruined when he opens his mouth..with that odd voice of his. but damn the guy is smoking.


  10. love mens fashion, these looks are awesome!

  11. Hahah I totally agree CC! I was unimpressed by his voice when I heard him speak in an interview with vicky. Not impressed at all. I always thought he'd have a Jude Law tone, but no..NOOOO. =(

  12. i agreeee! he is so handsome but when it come time for him to talk... =(


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