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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Hi everyone,

This is just a make-up post for the Maybelline EyeStudio Collection. I tested out one of their gel liners, eyeshadow quads, baked eyeshadow singles, and volumizing mascara with primer. As I move through the collection I will add a few anecdotes at the end of posts discussing what products I particularly enjoyed, and those I would recommend for purchase. The photo below was taken after 6 hours of wear, with no primer or base utilized, and a 20 minute nap (I put all the products sent to me through hell). Reaction: the gel eyeliner is amazing! The mascara was adequate enough to enhance eyelash definition, and the eyeshadow had great pigmentation and shimmer (its wear-life was average, had I used a primer it would have survived the night). The gel eyeliner takes the cake, the one I used was in charcoal (there's a dark dark grey shimmer to it when it hits the proper light). I'm quite impressed with Maybelline's eyestudio range; everything was well-pigmented and smooth. Those two qualities are quite rare in drugstore make-up brands. With regards to application, it was fairly simple and easy to manipulate. I taught a 12-year old how to apply the entire look, and she did one of my eye's below. See..super easy.

Here is my visage. I'm wearing concealer over a couple blemishes (sadly, my face is currently a war-zone because the special lady-friend came for a visit). 

** Disregard the busted up lips, I have a tendency to tear off dead skin. Clever segway coming up... I (also) busted up that heart necklace that's tangled in my hair. Why? Because I brought my face 2 cm from the mirror, causing the chain to drape around a faucet. As I pulled back, the necklace snapped into 3 pieces. Devastated. I sat on the cold bathroom tiles putting it back together before I hopped into bed. 
Moral of the story: Don't stare at your skin that intently. The only object that should be that close is your esthetician's magnifier. 

9 comments on "To unpathed waters, undreamed shores. -William Shakepeare"
  1. that sux about your necklace, its happened to me more than once, i never learned!

  2. I love the gel eyeliner too from eyestudio - I have the whole collection and it's been fun to play with, have to say.

  3. I love gel liners, so much easier to use. I love your hair by the way, it's really pretty!

  4. haha yeah, that's what I get for loving long necklaces. And I totally throw a 10 at gel liners. They're my new fave.

  5. ah wonderful to know. i've been looking for better eyeliners lately - thank you!! and psshh you look absolutely beautiful. your skin is fabulous.


  6. The last photos are really nice (:

  7. you've got some gorgeous locks my friend!

    Fashion X

  8. Ah, I love your 'look' here. Natural yet polished. :) Also... I have a terrible habit of picking the dead skin off of my lips too. TMI right? But as long as YOU'RE sharing... ha ha. It's a nervous tendency AND... my lips need to be exfoliated or something. Ha ha. :D


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