Sparkle like LuShae

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Hey everyone!
I'm back. I know, I'm a terrible blogger. Sue me.
Anywho, I have finally gotten around to taking a couple shots of myself wearing a pair of small hoop earrings that Sarah sent me from LuShae in Australia. They're "White Gold Rhodium Bonded .925 Sterling Silver Eternity Style Earrings with Round Cut Clear CZ, 3.6 ct Total in Silvertone" with French Clip backing, and can be found here.

Reaction/opinion: I don't know much about earrings or jewelry quality, but I DO know what I like. I detest earrings that are heavy; these were light so I did not have dragging earlobes or bleeding holes. I also liked how they sparkled through my hair, and they weren't so big that I'd hook my fingers through and pull my ear by accident [Come on, we've all been there whilst wearing big hooped earrings. I'm guilty as charged]. The hoop size, although I did not love it at first, grew on me- I actually find them quite classy with a nice bun. 

The Test
 I wore them night and day for one month, which included my super-stressed out phase during exam periods (along with its sporadic sleeping patterns). Firstly, I wanted to check out if they would snag or irritate my ears while I slept, or if they made me break out around my ears and jaw. PASSED. Secondly, I waited one month in order to gauge any allergic reactions to them, and how severe. NOTHING! PASSED. 

Amazing... these little guys are amazing. I was very sceptical at first- I'm ashamed to say my snobby side took over and I had low expectations (especially for my allergies). Thankfully I was proven wrong, and had a little ego slap. =D I deserved it!
[Sorry for the dorky close up; I look like like a complete idiot. Yes, my hair is growing. Yes, more split ends accompany it. No, my skin is not that clear- I think the flash did me a favour..and my concealer.]
[Me giggling like a petite fool. Typical -_- . I'm wearing my favourite summer nail polish by OPI 'Hey! Get in lime!' In person it's a near identical dupe of the Chanel Jade nail polish.]

Sarah kindly asked me to link her pendants page, and because I adored her gift so much I'm going to link my top three favourite: leaf & aqua marquise, pacific jewels, and the solitaire cross.


If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. - St. Clement of Alexandra

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Yay! Exams are over! I had 4 in 7 days, talk about a cram session. Yoawza! Anywho, I'm back now. It's going to be a light post today. I've got sooo much cool stuff to talk about in the next few posts. I may even do a vlog for one of them. [But I'm such a dork, and a weirdo...I'm a deirdo! Hehe..laaame.]

I took this from wilfox's blog. The reason I like these shots is because I'd wear a lot of the outfits. One always tends to gravitate towards the styles that suit us best, or that we favor the most. We are all bias, non?