Thursday, March 11, 2010
  Today I'm going to talk about something that has bothered me for a while: 'thinspo'. If you don't know what it is, just google it and you will get various hits regarding the subject. The reason I'm bringing it up now is because I landed on a tumblr page completely devoted to it. I was really hoping to never see a blog related to being [super] underweight ever again! Such sites makes me feel so uncomfortable. Why you say?

   First off, I'm virtually watching someone starve themselves, and I do not have the ability to help them. Last summer I landed on a livejournal that documented a 17 year old's quest to be 90 lbs, from 120 lbs. (Let me tell you, she looked stunning at her normal weight). She would eat an apple and two slices of bread a day, for a week.. As if that didn't already put me in panic mode, she would mention her puking/purging habits, hospital visits for malnourishment, her family doctor freaking out, her parents and friend's getting worried, how she hid her binges, etc.. like it was nothing. And there I was reading it! That's fucking crazy! The internet is crazy! Actually, scratch that. Some people just don't know how to control what should be private vs. public. I had started my evening off trying to find fun photos for my blog, and I got linked to an anorexic/bulimic teen's webspace, because she used Gemma Ward (and various other models) as her thinspo.
  Secondly, the photos are unusually disturbing. The fashion ones are nicely done, but those only constitute 50% of the thinspo I've come across (which is a lot now, because I did more research for this blog post). The rest are regular girls that are incredibly underweight. Now I start worrying about whether or not these girls are still alive; some of them couldn't be older than 14.
  Thirdly, I'm naturally skinny. I've been underweight my whole life, and the last thing I want are girls starving themselves to be my weight. That's unhealthy. I don't think girls should become anorexic/bulimic in order to look like other girls. It's not worth it. There's a big difference between an anorexic who weights 90 lbs, and someone who naturally weighs 90 lbs - the latter eats more and gets all of his/her nutrients in order to stay healthy, the former does not. (I read about a girl that ate 4 crackers, and drank 2 coffees a day to stay my weight. Whatta heck!? I'd die!)

   Anywho, I just had to rant about that. I may delete this post in two weeks, like I do my other rants. Just giving you a heads up as usual. Here are some I came acrosse: [a] [b] [c] [d] <-- The last one is extreme thinspo, so if the first three freaked you out don't click d.

Tell me what you guys think. 

* On another note, my friend H told me to take the Jung- Meyers- Briggs personality test to see my type. I'm ENTJ, which is a marshall - apparently I'd be good at managing companies/firms, and I should study economics or law. Now I may decide to sit the LSAT this summer or next, just for kicks. Nahhhh... probably not.

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  1. wow this is so disturbing but i'm glad you're talking about it on your blog because i've never heard of these websites before. this little blurb from the first tumblr page made me laugh out loud, actually:

    "=[ i binged.
    8 grahams crackers= 560




    660 calories =[

    Im kind of really upset."

    i swear i consume 660 calories in one meal HAHA

  2. I hear you. I've just been looking into 1,000 calorie shakes so I can drink throughout the day. When I saw that I died.

  3. So sad. I really feel for these girls. I'm currently trying to lost weight, and at 5'3" my "ideal" weight is supposed to be 110 pounds. At 110 pounds I look terrible. Girls really need to understand that not everyone is supposed to be super thin. For me, my ideal weight is 125, 15 pounds HIGHER than what I'm "supposed" to weigh. I hope someone can touch each of these girls lives to show them they ARE beautiful, even when they're NOT horribly underweight.

  4. Jesus Christ! These eating-disorder-related blogs are a cry for help!

    I think it's natural for women to be dissatisfied with their bodies. We're socialized this way. I'm not saying that this is good, but it's simply unavoidable. As much as I complain about how much I need to lose weight, whenever I even THINK about dieting, I go out to eat a steak! "Thinspos" have the opposite effect on moi! I think have a perverse sense of logic. I look at photographs of morbidly obese people when I want to eat less! Fortunately, I can't "diet" for more than 4 days. I need to use my brain!! And did you know that sample sizes in the 1990s were a SIX? I have no idea what happened.

    ENTJ doesn't necessarily mean you have to study economics & law! You could manage a biotech company or ANY business of your own! Please don't put yourself through LSAT-prep solely because of a personality test. If you're going to do it, it should be from a genuine curiosity/desire to improve your analytical skills. Otherwise, enjoy your summer!


  5. Lol. Actually my dad and I have been talking about the LSAT for two years now. This just re-inforced my curiosity, see whether my brain could work that way or not.

  6. What the!? The last link is really scary. Me myself, I'm at 100lbs and that's just because I'm a natural skinny and I'm a ballerina. So, keeping weight is a normal thing to do. But, I didn't do thing such as starving myself, if I'm hungry, I'll eat.

    Gee... if they want to loss some weight, it'd be better if they exercise more but still eating healthy food. gosh :( they're so obsessed it's scary.

  7. I like your article.
    I'm naturally skinny, been that way all my life, but i wish i could put on some more weight. I love food and for me it would be very hard not to eat something that i crave and would bring me extra weight...
    but you know, it's rather annoying that when you meet people they see only your weight...
    once i had this situation that left me standing with my mouth opened...i met an old friend, she's older than i am and she has known me since i was about 10. So the first thing she said was that i look very skinny and that i must have poor heath...what about that?! nice assumption...so when i said that she's quite thin, her answer was that she has 2 children...
    so i have to ask...if you don't have children you are not allowed to be thin/skinny?! and is it really necessary to go and explain to every person that you are ok, doctor has checked you and you don't starve yourself?! and if you are naturally skinny why you have to hear that it's a bad example to other people who want's to be skinny and starve themselves?!
    there is one more story i can share..i have a friend and shes rather tall and she has normal weight, but her boyfriend says that she's fat...so obviously she thinks that shes fat and she has to do diets..sick...
    i really feel bad for those people in those pics..

  8. This is really so sad, I have seen these types of blogs on LJ over the many years I have been on there.

    I think this was a very good post!

  9. This is really so sad, I have seen these types of blogs on LJ over the many years I have been on there.

    I think this was a very good post!

  10. im really really glad that you decided to publish this post, please don't take it off!
    i've had body image issues as long as i can remember and i remember the summer i ate only one meal a day of about 300 calories.
    i gained some of my weight back and im fine now but sometimes i still long for that really slim body.
    but looking at these pictures and especially the last one was such an eye opener!
    thank you for writing this post!

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  12. I completely agree with you, I'm naturally skinny, and I eat ALL THE TIME. I have a cousin who's sort of doing the same thing right now, she eats once a day (i dont know what that meal includes), but she's lost 50lbs in about 2 months, which I'm fairly certain isn't healthy.

  13. dear excellent post!
    I have gone through this dilemma many times, I love fashion and is very difficult in this society fit or just have fun with fashion, being overweight limits you to only certain clothes you can wear.
    However, the blame for all this is only the means, they decided that a girl so thin and so is the ideal of androgynous beauty.
    in the case of Latin America must be very thin, curvy blonde with silicone couple to highlight, in countries like Venezuela and Brazil, people can be very cruel.
    I think the less you take into account the beauty of body weight through and understand that there are different bodies and that all must be different because the variety is the spice ...
    Q But I just can we do this on television, magazines, design and fashion world as such should be imposed to prevent eating disorders in girls as young.

  14. Hey I ran across that 17 year olds blog a couple of months ago and was just as upset and disturbed as you are. And then the comments on her blog disturbed me even more: "great job," etc.
    It's horrifying that some people feel they have to be near death to look attractive.
    I enjoy fashion and I am at a perfectly normal weight. If only those poor girls could understand that.

  15. Hey I ran across that 17 year olds blog a couple of months ago and was just as upset and disturbed as you are. And then the comments on her blog disturbed me even more: "great job," etc.
    It's horrifying that some people feel they have to be near death to look attractive.
    I enjoy fashion and I am at a perfectly normal weight. If only those poor girls could understand that.

  16. wow that is sad. sad that people go to those extremes and sad that society has forced them into feeling that way. i am naturally very thin but i eat more than alot of men! i couldn't imagine limiting myself to a few crackers.

  17. wow...
    I'm still in shock...
    When i click on the page I get sick.
    How can they think that!!
    I'm natural skinny too, but if I was more weighty, I wouldn't care. We're womans, we have that body, with curves.

    I have liked your post so much :)

    visit me and comment:)


  18. unfortunatly anorexia and bulimia are not just about "I wanna be like her, I wanna be thin"... It's not just about apparence and weight, the problem is deeper... It's a psychological disorder, the search of physic perfection is just the surface: the desease comes from problems during the childhood, from education, from shocks or familiar conflicts..

    It's one of the way to express inadequacy .. Like drinking alcohol, drugs..

  19. I'm so glad that someone with as many readers as you posted about this delicate issue that needs to be addressed more.
    Girls need to be healthy and realize that they are beautiful, regardless.
    Thank you for bringing this up and for drawing attention to this problem.


  20. This is exactly the kind of material someone should be ranting about so don't delete it. This is heart-breaking stuff.

  21. Superior post over once again. Thank you:)


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