J'aime Topshop -> [now insert broken heart here 'cuz Canada is Topshop-less]

Saturday, January 16, 2010
I'm in love with the spring collection for Topshop. 
I've posted my favourites from topshop.com, along with a few quirky links I found fun/interesting.

+ Top 9 ways for personal re-invention click here.
+ One seriously bad-ass anesthesiologist.
+ The most delish food blog I've come across:
smitten kitchen. Warning: You may feel the urge to cook, right away
+ What's Victoria's Secret? 3-4 hours of make-up and hair, plus 5 artists to a model. click*
+ Want to brush up on your français? Read french blogs with pretty photos. 
+ Marc and Angel Hack Life. I like their petit post on 'productive positivity'.

+ I had quite a few e-mails from the PR company of Zadig et Voltaire telling me about their sample sales. Unfortunately, I live in the wrong country. I did, however, like a few of their pieces.
TeuxDeux = a really cute online to-do list. Check it out. No pun intended.. oh who am I kidding. INTENDED!
[This is actually my favourite look - the chains around her frilly socks
just kill me. I think she looks so adorable. ^-^]

'Tis all for tonight!
20 comments on "J'aime Topshop -> [now insert broken heart here 'cuz Canada is Topshop-less]"
  1. My heart also yearns for a Topshop.

    Many websites will let you purchase items from other countries. But Topshops American website will only let you buy if you have an American billing address ...sigh.


  2. Thanks for the lovely links doll! And I feel your pain, there's no Topshop here either and the post costs are killer and so not worth it :(

  3. This is my issue with Topshop. There is one in New York, but the thing is it's a bit pricey. And I hate the fact that the merchandise in the UK or in other european countries is way cooler. =( haha

  4. I'm with you on the broken heart, I wish they had topshop in canada! It's torture to see these beautiful pieces!

  5. I am so sad that my area is also Topshop-less. I want all of these looks!

  6. Fingers crossed now that TopShop is over in the States it should come to Canada soon!

    I love TopShop, it's like a home from home.

  7. i'm absolutely in love with their new collection. simply amazing


    crap i want it all.

  9. YES, this is perfection.


  10. i just want it to be spring now!!!... and for topshop to open here ! LOL

  11. I adore this lookbook it is truly inspirational... but I was very disappointed at the merchandise once I had the chance to visit Topshop in New York. The items are adorable, but the prices are so inflated it is a bit ridiculous considering that the quality is not that great.

    I wonderful inspiration...

    See you in class ;)

    With Love...

  12. Urban Planet on Queen Street West closed down (finally). Wouldn't that be a lovely spot for Topshop in Toronto? *sigh*

  13. AH so is Australia. They atleast ship here now :):) I think it's good though when you holiday you can bring back all these amazing pieces no one else has back!!!!

  14. i love the hairstyles and blue lippy! need some asap!

  15. Helen.. I think that's a fantastic IDEA!

  16. nice post. thanks.


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