Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Hey guys,
Guess what? I got food poisoning today and boy am I ever grumpy [insert moody sad face here]. I will take 8 hours of school over being bedridden & in pain any day. Even an exam day. Hihi! ^-^ Hope you are all doing well. For you Torontonians out there, the ROM is housing a Vanity Fair photography exhibit. Exciting I know! I've been thinking about buying a kick-ass body suit, but I've yet to find one I actually like. I do think the second photo has a pretty one, but I don't know where to find it. * le sigh* The weather is cooling down in Toronto, and I'm dreading my discrete layering (aka. the non-decorative, hidden layers). I usually do things in threes; skirt = 2 pairs of leggings + 1 pair of tights, pants = 1 pair of leggings + 1 pair of tights + 1 pair of pants...etc
Woooo..... not -_- I don't like the cold.


P.S. How is the font size and blog layout for all of you? I keep forgetting to ask, because it appears perfectly aligned and neat on my mac, however they're meant to function that way because they're very media/visual computers. Things sometimes appear a little skewed when I check out my site on my PC.

image source: stockholmstreetstyle,
7 comments on "black.white.tight"
  1. Oh I love the studded cuffs in that one photo! That's awful of you have food poisoning. I hope you feel better soon, dear!


  2. i love first pics :)


  3. love. black, white and tight.
    did u make the font smaller on your blog???

  4. ah, i cant believe you got food poisoning, thats so shitty! i hope you get well soon, so you can get back to schoool;)

    xx raez

  5. weird chinese stuff.
    check out the body suits from AA, I suggest black. or nude. or white...
    and food poisoning? egh. hope its shortlived.


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