Friday, June 19, 2009

Chantelle & her fave Raphael Muzzucco  (fashion photographer& artist) piece @ the Luminato.

Hey guys,
We're going to have some of my writing in this post today! Finalement! I've noticed that many of you are a fan of the photography I collect and piece together with spunky quotes I stumble upon on the internet. My followers have increased substantially over the past month. So THANK YOU to all the noobs and the veterans! 

As for the subject of this post.. it's all about you& me! I never celebrated my blog's 1st year anniversary, which happened on May 29th. I'm most likely not going to celebrate my 100th post either, that's just how I am. Odd-some, that is me (get it, like awesome?! Oh I make myself laugh). Haha, anyways, what I want to know from you guys....

request link exchanges
ask questions

Most of the time I don't get around to linking those who have asked, because I either forget or I don't know you've asked! I don't have updates e-mailed to me, so I don't see comments on old posts unless I go through my blog on a day I'm bored. ^-^ oopsies.
As for the questions, ask away! Make-up routine, what's in your purse, fave model, characteristic look.. anything! 

Peace, Chantelle

31 comments on "ALOHA!"
  1. maybe we can trade links

    im def. a new follower but i like your blog

  2. Chantelle,
    I have been following your blog for quite a while and LOVE it. It's great. As for questions....hmmm. Those last ones are quite interesting that you thought of. How do you describe your style? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Celeb crush? (haha). Who do you turn to for fashion inspiration?
    Yep, pretty much it.

    I would love a link:


  3. i'd consider myself one of the noobies that you've mentioned. but i do love your blog. and i think we have a lot of things in comment. like loving spain and the movie the dreamers. =)

  4. question: your favorite designer

  5. hey lady, almost didn't recognize you, new avatar/profile pic? :) loving it, and thank you! <3

    cute blouse and happy 1 yearrrr!


  6. I just found your blog and I love it!

  7. beautiful artwork and needless to say you look stunning...thanks for the well wishes girlie...and its a small world...the owner of Grappa is related to you? I knew they were portuguese bc the owner is also my dads friend! when we go there we always chit chat...

  8. The exposed zips are hot ;)

  9. lovely outfit!!! Zip skirt is my loove;)!

    hope you'll visit me at:

  10. Wonderful blog!
    Tell me your dreams...

  11. Polaroids are the best, and it's such a cool shot. Wonderful blog x

  12. F a n t a s t i c B l o g .
    it was almost love at first sight ;'D

    hugs + kisses!

  13. That pic is amazing. Love the blog.

  14. Your blog is simply great =)
    I'd love to exchange links, if you don't mind


    and i've gotta say that i already have you linked on my blog... is that alright?
    q's... ere we go.

    would you rather be barefoot or ALWAYS in socks?
    where can i get a cheap polaroid camera?
    what are your thoughts on alexander mcqueen?
    how about christian lacroix?
    what is your funniest story about how you got a scar?
    what colour do you paint your nails?
    where do you live?
    is everyone equal?
    who is your favourite greek god?

  16. I would love to trade links. My URL is

    Okay, questions: If you had to pick a style that's completely different from how you dress now, what would it be?

    If you could only buy one more thing (clothing/accessories, not or anything), what would it be?

  17. that piece of art is impressive!


  18. i love this blog..its cool :)


  19. hehe you're funny :)


  20. hey nice blog! love the pics
    maybe check mine out?:)

  21. hello just discovered your blog! been looking through old posts love it! keep up the fantastic work! xxx

  22. hey! take a look at my last photoshoot if you want. I hope you like it.


  23. i loved your blog a long time girlie :]
    congratulations !
    & i thinked we might already be linked ... but if not, let's do so .

  24. Gorgeous blog and pics ~ this is my first visit!


  25. Oh my gosh I need to check out that artist right away!

    The piece looks fantastic! (:

    La C.

    And now questions...

    Your favorite items in your closet?
    Favorite shoes?
    Thing you dislike the most?

  26. First visit, but i love every bit of your blog!

  27. hey! Love your blog. Where do you get those fantastic quotes from? Congrats for the one year :) Keep up the good work.

    ps: I already linked to you some time ago :)

  28. It's been a long time since i found your blog, and be amaze on it. And till now, i'm still a big fan of yours.;D And nothing to ask for coz i know you and your blog is just one.;D What i love is to visit you always here in your blog. And would you be so kind to link me up, please? Let me know if you're ok with link exchange. ;D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunter

  29. yeah, link up lady!
    and fav vintage store?



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