Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 things your parents never told you about growing up:
1. everyone is a resource, steal knowledge whenever possible.
2. manipulation is not only an art form but an essential and invaluable life skill. practice helps you understand the human perspective.
3. experience as much as possible. you never know if you’ll like a finger in your ass until you try.
4. never finish your food. cleaning your plate is how your parents programmed you into over-eating, you tubby bastards.
5. question everything. never stop asking why. always question motives, cause we all have em.
6. let your guard down when you say ‘i love you’, its only fair.
7. pay attention. easy concept but then why do you get taken advantage of all the goddamn time? cause you werent paying attention.
8. hang out with people who you feel are morally superior than you. the better the people you hang with, the better you’ll become.
9. trust your friends opinions, collectively they know you better than you know yourself.
10. its not a matter or perspective: the glass IS half empty, but live like its half full.

credit: dirty white

Peace & Love
- chantelle
32 comments on "KNUCKLOVE"
  1. i love that coin bra!

  2. still trying the foot circle thing. durrrr its hard.
    the list is right though, all of it.

  3. Parents should be required to tell you #2 & #10!

  4. her glasses look so cute! love the coin bra. xxx your posts are excelent

  5. Haha..I just tried the clockwise thing with the number 6 and you're right, there's nothing I can do about it. I love those 10 things too and the pictures are lovely! xxoxoxxoo

  6. I adore your blog! Def. failed at the foot thing.. meaning my foot did change direction. Your 10 things couldn't be more true, and number 3 made me laugh out loud.

    xo, Becs

  7. great list! number 4 is jokes... but reciting it to the grandma will be the hardest part.


  8. Great post...agree with your 10 points ;) AND P.s. I liked CSB 327 ...I also took 331 which I liked even more...331...also, you asked what I would be doing #1 is Ultrasound at Michener but it IS a tough program to get into so I have a few back up plans...

  9. haha! i like the advice + i want to steal the first girls glasses

  10. Words of wisdom. "tubby bastards" hahaha.

  11. love the first pic of the girl and her glassess i wish i had a pair. happy mother's day! <3

  12. just found your blog and fell in love.

    this is amazingly inspirational:

    "its not a matter or perspective: the glass IS half empty, but live like its half full."

    thank you dear.

  13. Those pictures are gorgeous! I love your blog.


  14. im ever in a desk...studying :(
    (and seing blogs!!!) this blog is fantastic!


  15. great images! the second girl is from skins isnt she.. far too pretty! :-D

  16. LOVE your blog!!! great post!

  17. this post could not have been more perfect .
    i've never said i love you with my guard down, but i really can't wait to do it .
    and i've tried that thing with the foot ! i can't do it ! a friend of mine can though, hah .

    x ♥

  18. i love this post :)

  19. The coin bra was fab..=)
    Thanks for sharing,hope to see more.=)

  20. adore your posts chantelle:)

  21. Wow! The sweater in the first photo really brings out the eyes!

    They are magic!

    xo k

    visit me - i'm new!

  22. Great post,love the coin bra.
    Looking forward on your next post,have a great day.=)

    Travel and Living

  23. number 1 number1 !! soo agreeing.
    awesome pictures x

  24. "cleaning your plate is how your parents programmed you into over-eating, you tubby bastards"

    wise wise words. xxxxxxx

  25. Ohmygod, there really is nothing you can do about it! That's crazy!

    Gorgeous pictures... loving them. xxx

  26. hehe. i love those ten things, now, everything makes sense:)

    and, awesome! ive added you now!

  27. omg i love this post for sure love your blog alsoooo!

  28. sure a fantastic post! the things your parents never told you are so true and I won't give up on the foot thing until I've got it..

    ..ah what the hell.

  29. Fab effy from Skins...luv that show!

  30. hello lovely, i just discovered your blog and im in love..


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