Je suis ici!

Monday, August 04, 2008
Salut mes amis!

I promise I'll have a delicious up-date for all of you très soon, but for now here's Carla Bruni's new song that's all the rage in France. She's so chic and elegant that I couldn't help but fall in love with her style and manner. Her music is also divine, perfect for a picnic in the woods. I just adore it, I feel completely at ease after hearing this chanson. 

À plus mes belles! <3 nbsp="" p="">
8 comments on "Je suis ici!"
  1. I wish America had a first lady like Carla..

  2. i just added it, wowww post up some pictures from france ? and maybe some of the wonderous clothes you obtained there. would love to see them.

  3. awww you sound so chic...I should learn some French :s..and yes- im not lookig forward to PSL 302 :(..esp in my last year also taking EEB318H1 and EEB375H1. you?

  4. hi! :) ur baaack!!
    and oh.. im also addicted to carla bruni right now, i can't explain why! and i just looove this video! :)

    ps. u wont believe how cheap that shirt from hk was.. i think its only $5! :D

  5. i love this song.
    she has a gorgeous voice.


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