She Departed At Midnight.

Sunday, June 22, 2008
Hey takitos,
I know, I know, I haven't posted in a while. Forgive me, my summer school final exam is this tuesday, and this weekend, in general, has been loco. Not to mention I haven't worn anything remotely interesting. On the other hand, just to keep y'all up-to-date I'm posting you what my daddy bought me today before my trip to France. I was lacking some essentials, and I threw out more than half the clothes in my closet (including my favourite skinny jeans that got just TOO tight). I'll be reading blogs for the next couple hours, and watching the third season of House MD, so expect some comments heading your way! 
A little dark, a little bright.
All in moderation,
Of course.

11 comments on "She Departed At Midnight."
  1. as if you are going to France! you are one lucky girl!

    i spot some very interesting pieces in that picture and i cant wait to see what you put together

  2. what a trip you have planned there! like angeline, i'm excited to see some of those pieces actually worn. what is this lovely thing with the gold buttons attached?

  3. I want better photos of the clothes, they look yummy.

  4. lucky you! i wish my dad still buys me stuff! hehe :)

    i havent watched House, wud u recommend it? :)

    oh and have fun trip!

  5. I love to clean out my wardrobe. It is so fun!

  6. have a wonderful time in france (my favorite country ever) and take tons of pics :)

  7. have a lovely trip =] and the military jacket with the silver buttons hidden under the rest looks awesome

  8. that cropped waistcoat looks fab. i've just thrown out almost half my wardrobe, mostly based on space issues..!
    and I LOVE House, since my exams finished I've been re-watching it all since series 1 - I'm half way through series 3 now.

  9. Dads are delightful!:) cute buys. Have fun in France, I'm going in August!


  10. Closet cleaning can be quite hard but always very helpful! I call it detoxing and it will be great to get some new ones afterwards xx


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