The trail she travelled..

Saturday, May 31, 2008
Here are some of my latest pictures from around Toronto. Because I fancy many different types of architecture, whenever I see buildings in the city that relate to my studies in art history [aka. my ancient & modern arch. classes] I get camera happy. 
My adventure through St. Lawrence Market avec Hélène:
A couple shots from my solo journey along Prince Arthur
And just in case you're wondering, the first building is the Dragon Academy [an independent private school from grades 7-12], and the second building is the Bedford Academy [a higher-end bar usually filled with lawyers]
During one of my many city-exploring days I came across Carole's Cheesecake Café located in Yorkville. It's fantastic, and a great place for a late night desert.

As a side note, I got my ticket reserved for Paris today! Yayz!

Let old be new again

Friday, May 30, 2008
Don't you love how the vintage trend, which I'm predicting is going to stick around for a while, has inspired designers to make pieces that look both antique and modern. A feat accomplished by a few, here are some finds that tickled my fancy
[used to be on's look book, link removed. No info, sorry!]
Superfine Felix cropped waistcoat (sold out)

The modernity is subtly hidden, but peeks out enough to make a difference.


Is it just me, or do both these actresses look ridiculously alike?
Jennifer Morrison & Kate Bosworth


Polaroid my ankle.

Thursday, May 29, 2008
I popped across this graphic as I was editing my blog. It triggered my love for all things weird. Originality never hurt anybody.

Today I have an 'obsession' (so to speak) for all things polaroid. I love how this photographic trend is coming back into play. Making pictures look old-school can also be accomplished using a disposable camera, à la Cory Kennedy. But they're still not as cool as the poly-pols. I think it's the frame, or the euphoric shaking motion. Hey-ya! I actually stumbled upon a few cool ones as I was surfing the web and browsing  notes by naive - she's brilliant, I wish I had as many cameras as her.
par naive


There, I've quenched my polaroid thirst. And I've shared my favorites with you. Do you feel special? Maybe a little tingling in your feet? =]



After being an avid fashion-blog reader for the past couple years, I've decided to give it a try as well. Since I'm completely all over the place half the time, expect this blog to be as well. But it will be coherently all over the place..I'm not that evil. I'm also not going to introduced myself, because there's absolutely no mystery in that. 

I'm Chantelle. Chantelle, I am.

And that's all you need to know.